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With a design legacy that crosses six centuries, the corset is firmly cemented in fashion art as one of the essential garments across the world, continually evolving with the times while retaining its unique premise of shaping the human silhouette.
Charmian, is a leading American corsets retailer, using unique materials from over 200 varieties, employing the most experienced workers. Thanks for the globalization and international network, we sell quality and well-designed products to more than 70 countries.
Products are shipped from multiple warehouses in the world, depending on where you are, including Amazon FBA warehouse in the USA, Amazon FBA warehouse in Europe and so on. Our designs are inspired by a professional designer team and deep knowledge with lingerie, burlesque, steampunk, and to name but a few. Our product technicians develop distinctive patterns and utilize the latest fabrics to create the ultimate in modern fit and style.
Charmian believe that pure sophistication and elegance shines through when you not only look stunning but feel at your very best! With ranges that cater for both function and fashion, we create garments that designed with you in mind. Charmian is worthy of believing and desiring to support in for those who want to shape their figures or who want to adorn and accessorize themselves. Wish your every day be a good day!

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