Charmian Waist Trainer Belt for Women Corset Cincher Underbust Body Shaper Sweat Belt Sport Girdle

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Charmian hourglass body shaper belt, made of comfortable breathable and sweat absorb latex material, 13 steel bones for body shaping, two adjustable velcro belts on the side for accuracy and allowing you to achieve craved hourglass shape in seconds, front 4 breasted closure for easy wearing, high elastic make the belt fit most size. Not only provide you perfect figure but also protect your waist.

Color: Black.
Material: Lining: Cotton 96% Spandex 4%, Core: Latex 100%

Size Chart(Inches)
S/ Waist: 26.8-28.3, Hip: 31.1-32.7, Front/Back Length: 12.2/10.8
M/ Waist: 28.7-30.3, Hip: 33.1-34.6, Front/Back Length: 12.2/10.8
L/ Waist: 30.7-32.3, Hip: 35.0-36.6, Front/Back Length: 12.2/10.8
XL/ Waist: 32.7-34.3, Hip: 37.0-38.6, Front/Back Length: 12.4/11.2
2XL/ Waist: 34.6-36.2, Hip: 39.0-40.6, Front/Back Length: 12.4/11.2
3XL/ Waist: 36.6-38.2, Hip: 40.9-42.5, Front/Back Length: 12.4/11.2

Charmian Waist cincher shaper slimmer for weight loss :
1. Protect the spine
The trainer cincher can protect core muscle groups and reduce the risk of injury during sporting. This slimming waist trainer will promote weight loss fast

2.Reduce Back Pain
This waist trainer for women faja can prevent and correct hunchback, great decrease back pain.

3.Postpartum Recovery
Tighten waist and abdomen muscles and make them more stronger.

4.Hourglass Body Shaper
Get about 3-4 inch waist line reduction instantly.

5.Accelerate sweating
With a balanced diet and reasonable exercise, the sport girdle waist trainer can accelerate the burning fat, make your body more perfect with a waist sweat trainer for women.

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