Women's Vintage 14 Steel Boned Waist Training Bridal Underbust Corset

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This classic underbust corset is made with 14 pieces of spiral steel bones, it helps to support your back and correct your posture.
Traditional metal busk closure on the front, half-circle of retro brocade on both sides, the back use cord lacing which helps to show your body curve.
Furthermore, It almost can match various costumes, clothes, accessories on different occasions.

About Material
Elastane 82% Nylon 18%

Size Chart(cm)
XS/Underbust:62-66, Waist:56-60, Hips:78-82
S/Underbust:67-71, Waist:61-65, Hips:83-87
M/Underbust:72-76, Waist:66-70, Hips:88-92
L/Underbust:77-81, Waist:71-75, Hips:93-97
XL/Underbust:82-86, Waist:76-80, Hips:98-102
2XL/Underbust:87-91, Waist:81-85, Hips:103-107
3XL/Underbust:92-96, Waist:86-90, Hips:108-112
4XL/Underbust:97-101, Waist:91-95, Hips:113-117
5XL/Underbust:102-106, Waist:96-100, Hips:118-122
6XL/Underbust:107-111, Waist:101-105 , Hips:123-127

Size Chart(inch)
XS/Underbust:24.4-26, Waist:22.1-23.6, Hips:30.7-32.3
S/Underbust:26.4-28, Waist:24-25.6, Hips:32.7-34.3
M/Underbust:28.3-29.9, Waist:26-27.6, Hips:34.7-36.2
L/Underbust:30.3-31.9, Waist:28-29.5, Hips:36.6-38.2
XL/Underbust:32.3-33.9, Waist:29.9-31.5, Hips:38.6-40.2
2XL/Underbust:34.3-35.8, Waist:31.9-33.5, Hips:40.6-42.1
3XL/Underbust:36.2-37.8, Waist:33.9-35.4, Hips:42.5-44.1
4XL/Underbust:38.2-39.8, Waist:35.8-37.4, Hips:44.5-46.1
5XL/Underbust:40.2-41.7, Waist:37.8-39.4, Hips:46.5-48
6XL/Underbust:42.1-43.7, Waist:39.8-41.3, Hips:48.4-50

Due to manual measurement, please allows 1-3(cm) deviation.
The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures by the brightness of monitor and light.

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