Vintage Classic Satin Halter Corset

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Satin fabric
Both side riband extended to become the halter design
Padded bra cup
14 plastic bones
Zipper closure is at the side

About Size Chart

Size Chart(cm)

S/Bust:68-72, Waist: 55-59, Hip: 75-79, Length(Front/Back):39/30
M/Bust:73-77, Waist: 60-64, Hip: 80-84, Length(Front/Back):39/30
L/Bust:78-82, Waist: 65-69, Hip: 85-89, Length(Front/Back):39/30
XL/Bust:83-87, Waist: 70-74, Hip: 90-94, Length(Front/Back):39/30
2XL/Bust:88-92, Waist: 75-79, Hip: 95-99, Length(Front/Back):39/30
3XL/Bust:93-97, Waist: 80-84, Hip: 100-104, Length(Front/Back):39/30
4XL/Bust:98-102, Waist: 85-89, Hip: 105-109, Length(Front/Back):39/30
5XL/Bust:103-107, Waist: 90-94, Hip: 110-114, Length(Front/Back):39/30
6XL/Bust:108-112, Waist: 95-99, Hip: 115-119, Length(Front/Back):39/30

Size Chart(inch)

S/Bust:26.8-28.3, Waist: 21.7-23.2, Hip: 29.5-31.1, Length(Front/Back):15.4/11.8
M/Bust:28.7-30.3, Waist: 23.6-25.2, Hip: 31.5-33.1, Length(Front/Back):15.4/11.8
L/Bust:30.7-32.3, Waist: 25.6-27.2, Hip: 33.5-35.0, Length(Front/Back):15.4/11.8
XL/Bust:32.7-34.3, Waist: 27.6-29.1, Hip: 35.4-37.0, Length(Front/Back):15.4/11.8
2XL/Bust:34.6-36.2, Waist: 29.5-31.1, Hip: 37.4-39.0, Length(Front/Back):15.4/11.8
3XL/Bust:36.6-38.2, Waist: 31.5-33.1, Hip: 39.4-40.9, Length(Front/Back):15.7/12.2
4XL/Bust:38.6-40.2, Waist: 33.5-35.0, Hip: 41.3-42.9, Length(Front/Back):15.7/12.2
5XL/Bust:40.6-42.1, Waist: 35.4-37.0, Hip: 43.3-44.9, Length(Front/Back):16.1/12.6
6XL/Bust:42.5-44.1, Waist: 37.4-39.0, Hip: 45.3-46.9, Length(Front/Back):16.1/12.6

Due to Manual Measurement, Please Allows 1-3(cm) Deviation.
The Real Color of the Item may be Slightly Different from the Pictures Shown on Website Caused by Many Factors such as Brightness of Your Monitor and Light Brightness.

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